Twitter adds aliases to protect those who support its Birdwatch monitoring program

Since the beginning of the year, Twitter has been working on a pilot project called which has found that crowdsource is targeted directly from other Twitter users. Now it comes up with a way for participants to hide what they know by putting words on someone else’s tweet. As of today, the company plans to make itself known to Birdwatch users who are not directly connected to their Twitter accounts.

“We want everyone to feel free to contribute to Birdwatch, and the text allows you to write and read articles without sharing your Twitter username,” the company said. . The hope is that the form will reduce bias by placing emphasis on what people write in notes that leave rather than in the known. .

Along with the alias, Twitter is also releasing pages that can make it easier to view old Birdwatch offerings. The company says it is doing this to ensure that disruptions do not come “without response.” To achieve this, each post in the community will have the votes they get, and let you know what the community thinks about it. Hopefully, it’s something that helps with which has disrupted the program.

For those who joined Birdwatch before announcing today, all of their previous contributions will now fall under their new name. Since some people may say that there is a link between another person’s Birdwatch profile and Twitter login based on what they saw before they were released today, the company says participants can post a Birdwatch account by deleting their previous contributions.

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