Tucker Carlson is already trying to defraud Rittenhouse’s Criminal Court

The country is in dire straits if a politically motivated lawsuit could lead to violence, regardless of the outcome. Of course, none of us needed further proof that the divided world was at its peak. But Tucker Carlson, however, is one of the few who is prepared in advance to use any results to support his side.

Last night, not to mention any evidence, Tucker Carlson said most judges take several hours to deliver a verdict. This may not be the case in most cases involving a number of serious crimes, one of which is murder. Without realizing it, Tucker pointed out another aspect of the judge’s “delay” (delay), because the judges were confused by what they saw in the case.

Carlson argued that no “honest” person could reach any verdict, but Rittenhouse defended himself, meaning that the judges must have been perplexed as to why he was being prosecuted and what he was doing there.

Carlson then came to his senses. Judges are taking a long time because they are afraid to provide “visibility” innocent verdict. From Mediator:

“The question is why does it take so long for these judges to give a clear verdict? Do you want an answer? Well, look outside the court. Hundreds of National Guard soldiers have gathered tonight in Kenosha. Why is he there? Well, it comes as Kyle Rittenhouse is released. ”

“When they are released, almost everyone expects Joe Biden’s voting groups to burn and steal. Why does everyone expect that? Because the people on the left are calling for a public protest.”

The site monitors developments as it stands and we have never seen a “violent call” if Rittenhouse is not guilty. Of course, most of us now expect to be free of the consequences of the judge’s decision before and during the trial.

But Tucker and his audience, along with many others on the right, just stole the legitimacy of the possible verdict, for the simple fear of being filled with violence and fear … and black people, of course. This comes from Tucker Carlson, a man who, when Chauvin was found guilty, lamented how the police could not record him again if he was punished for kneeling in front of a crowd in front of a crowd.

In the same way that Right Now steals the Left to win the election, they are trying to steal the legitimacy of the political decision. They are stealing the legitimacy before the ruling (as of the time of writing) as they have already stolen the legitimacy of any democratic victory.

His message is clear. This is a brand new one. Occasions where “traditional fit-appropriate white energy” is lost are illegal and should not be tolerated. Repetition, should not be allowed. We all remember what happened last time when Freedom didn’t get what they wanted, when someone took something that was theirs, and confused you if you didn’t agree with it. You were wrong, it was obvious, and “everyone knows.”

Sound familiar?

Tucker’s call for a “definite” decision is no different from what Trump said about his “obvious” success. The obvious result is that the cultural power of this world can be broken (not fast enough) and they are obviously ready to lie, deceive, and burn, to keep those forces stable for a long time, dividing paths, consequences, and people in their path.

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