Trump Wants More Opportunity To Hide Exactly What He Did On 1/6

Late last week, the DC Court of Appeals granted President Trump a lesser judgment on the district court’s decision against the pre-emptive decision as it applied to the documents of the Select House committee. Now, according to USA Today, we know that the documents that Trump desperately wants to protect include January 6 handwriting, guest selection at the White House, and transition logs, including a televised interaction between Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, reports USA Today.

One does not have to be a member of MENSA to understand that this article reflects more on Trump’s actions on January 6, such as the preparation, expectations for the day, and who else has been involved in the program since then. of the White House or a lack of policy and action when the riots broke out, including decisions to prevent people from doing anything to stop the riots.

From the report:

“Of the 763 pages Trump has declared his candidacy, 629 are interviews prepared for the press secretary and 43 include presidential lists, elections, event logs, call logs, and other documents, according to National Archives. “

Clearly, presidential lists, nominations, actions, and summonses may reveal to all of Trump the level of pre-existing awareness of a growing problem, concerns of what is happening in real time, and, most importantly, providing a list of nominees to the Select Committee. . can sing to know exactly what Trump said and did all day.

The National Archives newspaper has found about 1,600 pages of documents relevant to the committee’s request, and much more that needs to be reviewed, according to the agency. Trump tried to keep about half of the pages confidential, but the Department of Justice responded that it was necessary to investigate.

In that is an argument. The notes that are considered the most important part of the committee’s work are the same ones that affect Trump himself. Trump’s argument before the court may be that he (and those appearing in any text) has a significant impact on the major project. The request of the Committee, deliberately, seeks information that is relevant to any meaning that the court may take. The district court did not set a limit.

The desired articles have been edited out in categories and, on the surface, seem to follow the times that are most difficult, The initial draft also includes daily presidential notes, schedules, event logs, and preliminary notes, documenting a reasonable person who can see the type that can provide the most and most helpful to the committee.

The committee needs quick decisions as the decisions are. There are ways to get a detailed picture of any information contained within the required document, but such an effort can be time consuming and requires the most advanced methods to obtain.

In the meantime, in the case of actual documentation being requested, the committee is in a contest over time and should determine whether it can obtain the information directly, or devise “travel” methods that may be necessary.

The limited sign available to date leads viewers to believe that the appellate court recognizes the need for a more urgent process.

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