Trump Uses His Fox News Questions To Regret That He Didn’t Do Too Much To Putin

Donald Trump had an interview organized by Mark Levine on Fox on Sunday night, many of which were delayed due to what happened in Wisconsin. When Trump appeared to answer questions about what had happened, he lamented that the country – apparently – was divided and unknown within a year of resigning.

Trump exaggerated the price of gas “problem” by claiming that the gallon price per gallon in California was $ 7.50, where the average gallon price is still less than $ 5 gallons. Trump did not say that prices remain high as a major part of the global distribution crisis, with many economists returning to the crisis in regulating COVID globally. Some of these problems could be traced directly to the way the disease was first introduced and allowed to spread, under Trump.

Even a stranger, Trump took his precious time to mourn all he could do with Russia. He began by arguing that no president had ever been attacked, that no one had experienced his experience, that he had documented all the wrongdoings and then investigated Mueller, who he said “took three and a half years” and withheld many advantages:

“It was a wonderful time. I was beaten if no President ever sat and thought… We would have done great things with Russia. Good for our country … Also good for Russia, “

He said that we could not do these good things because people would say they did them because of “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

There has been a clear notion that something is “gone” about Trump and his relationship with Russia and Putin. This is a perfect example. If there were good policy decisions to be made or agreements that would benefit both countries, a nation that could provide long-term benefits, what part of Mueller’s research prevented this from happening? There is no section.

That is why one is forced to think – given Trump’s words – that Trump would like to do more with Russia, but he could not because he was already under pressure to investigate his relations with Russia. The statement is a clear indication that Trump’s demands were not “America first”. If, then, if Trump’s “actions” were clearly perceived to be legitimate and legitimate, then no small criminal investigation would have disrupted or disturbed us.

But if the treaties were unbalanced, or one-sided, then they are under intense scrutiny, and perhaps a hint that Trump believes was banned. Without doing good or bad, it is strange that now, throughout the year, Trump worries that he could have done more with Russia, not Canada, Japan, Germany, or any other country. He chooses Russia as his grief. That is a real lost opportunity in his mind.

Tell us about some of the exciting “experiences” of the kind we have been accustomed to for the past five years.

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