Treepz Raises $ 2.8M To Make Public Transport Safer Across Africa

Treepz, a start-up company in Ontario, has raised $ 2.8 million seed money expanding across Africa and installing public transportation systems in the region.

The fund was calculated with participation from companies such as Japan VC, Uncovered Fund, Blanford Capital, Jedar Capital, and Jonomi Capital. The capital brings in the total revenue that Treepz earned to $ 3.1 million. Takuma Terakubo, CEO & General Partner of Uncovered Fund Inc, commented on the move, saying:

“Treepz is very pleased with the performance at the end of the year and is ready to expand, especially as a result of the partnership. Treepz is building important travel destinations in major African cities. We look forward to building a platform for digital mobility. As a Japanese VC who puts the needs of mobile companies ahead, we want to give them a big profit. “

Treepz was established in 2019 with the aim of making travel easier and promoting roadblocks in Africa. The platform developed and launched includes more than 21 bus companies, allowing users to access services easily and at a low cost.

News of the fundraiser was accompanied by the overthrow of Ugabus, an initiative launched in 2016 that owns 70% of the East Coast. Africa bus drivers in the area. Onyeka Akumah, CEO and Co-founder of Treepz, said of the purchase:

“Everyone in Treepz is happy to welcome the Ugabus team to the Treepz Family. This has been working for some time, along with our partnership in Ghana over the past few months, so we are very happy to close this partnership. East Africa is an exciting target for Treepz and from in Uganda, we will work with this new team led by Hakiza in Uganda to explore our growth plans in neighboring countries as we seek to build the largest shared platform in sub-Saharan Africa.

With its presence in Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda, Treepz continues to improve the lives of millions of people and to become one of the leading pioneers in the region. The initiative is also working to forge new alliances with lñocal governments, helping to speed up the process.

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