Tile to be purchased is a Life360 family property distribution service

Tile arrived first with a crowdfunding campaign and developing the idea of ​​using tags to find lost items – but more recently, he met with fierce competition from his fans. With Apple AirTag. Now, Tile has acquired a family-owned company Life360 for $ 205 million in a move that could provide it with better combat tools against competitors. It will continue to work with the same brand under the CEO of Tile CJ Prober, Life360 he announced.

Life360 said the acquisition will help boost family support and allow people to “find people, pets, and the things they love.” He also added that the addition of 333 million Life360 mobile phone users will increase access to Tile’s Finding Network around 10x.

At the same time, Life360 will gain access to buyers in 27,000 retail stores where Tile trackers are sold. Tile technology is also used in over a million tools, from wireless ears to dog collars. The company will also acquire Tile subscribers, increasing subscribers who pay by 45 percent to 1.6 million users.

The company confirmed that Life360 and Tile are “agnostic platforms,” ​​operating on iOS and Android. The big issue is that Apple AirTags only works on iOS, even though Apple has it plans to announce Android integration at the end of the year. Last year, Tile presented EU complaints against Apple for its anti-competitive behavior, claiming that the iOS 13.5 update made its app difficult to use.

There is a partnership between the companies, as Life360 has been operating as a ‘Find My Friends’ platform for many years. Parents in the US, in particular, have used these tools to track their children – so adding navigation skills and technology makes sense.

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