The Morning After: The CEO of Activision Blizzard’s resignation is growing

We have talked about employees wanting Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kotick to resign earlier this week at TMA, but the pressure continues. Together with over 800 employees the Activision Blizzard and its existing contractors signed the petition call for CEO Bobby Kotick to be fired, there have been comments from the PlayStation chief executive, Jim Ryan, and Phil Spencer of Microsoft.

In a memorandum obtained by Bloomberg, Spencer stated that he and other Xbox executives were “deeply disturbed and deeply affected by the actions and actions” that took place at Activision Blizzard and that Microsoft was “examining both sides”About their relationship with the publisher of the game.

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The company may reduce its target.

Bloomberg sources say Apple has now shifted its focus to self-driving cars, not just ordinary cars with autonomous features. New project manager Kevin Lynch wants the first type to run itself, according to sources.

The company says it is speeding up its plans, too. Instead of launching a five- to seven-year establishment, sources say they now want 2025 – just four years left.

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It is one of the most common crypto currencies that affects one person.

Police in Canada say they recently arrested a teenager who stole $ 46 million CAD (approximately $ 36.5 million) worth of cryptocurrency worth one person in the US.

The owner of the coin was a victim of a SIM swap attack. Their mobile number was stolen and used to block two-factor authentication requests, thus allowing access to their secure accounts. Some of the stolen money was used to buy a “missing” online game entry, which eventually allowed the Hamilton Police Service, as well as the FBI and the US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, to identify the account holder. Police seized approximately $ 7 million CAD ($ 5.5 million) in stolen cryptocurrency when they arrested the teenager.

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Yes, there is a trade show.


Nike has announced a partnership with Roblox to offer a free playground called Nikeland. In his recent review, Nikeland includes mini-games such as tag, dodgeball and floor and lava that players can watch with each other. The combination of phones gives you the opportunity to use your phone to translate real events in this game. That way, you can do things like jump fast and run fast.

Why did Nike partner with Roblox? The main reason. With over 200 million active users each month, it is one of the most popular games for kids and teens.

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Is this a fan?

The Morning After


The new Pixel Stand is bigger and more powerful than its predecessor – though it is not yet time for the Pixel 6 to be launched. It can charge a Pixel 6 Pro up to 23W (21W for a fixed Pixel 6) and has a fan to keep it all cool, and maybe make a noise when you pay. And while it will charge more Qi-compatible devices up to 15W, Google phone owners are getting some extra. You can use Pixel 3 with the latest colors as a temporary smart speaker for Google Assistant, displaying your information like calendars once opened or turning your phone into an image.

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