The lions were punished after the lineman ‘said something about someone’s mother,’ says the teacher

When Lions fans returned from vacation on Sunday, they were probably surprised to see that their team had been punished 15 yards away.

Guardi Jonah Jackson was known for his unprofessional behavior between the end of the third quarter and the start of the fourth quarter, Punishment moved the Lions from the first with 10 in the Browns’ 42 to the first with 25 in the Lions. ’43.

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As Lions coach Dan Campbell explained, the punishment was for what Jackson said to a Browns player.

“I don’t know what to tell you. It was said. It was about someone else’s mother, okay?” Campbell said. “And there was a lot of discussion out there, but it was a punishment.”

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Insulting the player’s mother is seen as a form of punishment for the lions.

And the punishment was harsh on Detroit. The Lions only got 13 yards quickly in the run for D’Andre Swift to move to Cleveland, but they only got 10 yards later and were forced to fight.

“It hurts. [Jackson] knows it, “Campbell said.” He knew it when it come out, you know, but there was a lot of talk going on. And to be honest, when I’m told that, I hear talking, but it’s part of it. “

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Punt worked at the end of the Lions when Browns defender Baker Mayfield threw a tackle to give Detroit the ball to Cleveland 34.

But the Lions only got 9 yards out of the car that followed and settled on the 43-yard field. The Lions had only one point in the game – they finished slowly – when they lost to the Browns 13-10 to fall 0-9-1 this season.

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