The head of a US technology company has been advised by David Cameron who is accused of rape

The head of the US call center technology firm, advised by UK Prime Minister David Cameron, has been charged with rape and incest.

Tatiana Spottiswoode, a law student at Columbia Law School, told Congress members Tuesday that she was forced to have sex with Zia Chishti, a Finnish official.

A technical team from Bermuda uses Cameron as the chair of their consultants. The company also employs Queen Beatrice, a member of the British royal family, in its New York office, and lists board members such as José María Aznar, the Spanish prime minister, and John Snow, a former US Treasury secretary.

Finnish uses the software to connect with callers and mobile operators and counts UK companies such as Virgin Media and Sky as customers. The company has boasted a growth rate of more than 200 percent annual revenue, and is connected to a possible floating next year in New York.

Spottiswoode testified before the House Judiciary Committee that it heard how compelling antitrust laws are being used in ways that prevent survivors of sexual violence and sexual assault from prosecuting in US courts.

The lawsuit was filed by Jerry Nadler, a New York Democrat and chairman of the Judiciary Committee, who is drafting legislation that would prevent the use of forced labor in cases of sexual violence and harassment.

Spottiswoode told the committee that although he had previously told her he did not agree, he was forced to sleep with Chishti on a foreign trip, when he was beaten again.

Later, he said, he started an argument against him and his father differently. In May 2019 his opponent ruled in favor of Spottiswoode – that he had been raped and raped by Chishti – he said he paid $ 1m and stopped arguing with his father when he rescinded the sentence.

Chishti also developed Invisalign, a treatment for bone marrow transplants.

The Fynts said: “We take any such allegations very seriously. The Fynts scrutinized the allegations of Ms Spottiswoode and an independent counselor and found that the assertion was inconsistent with the allegations.

The committee is looking at how coercive decisions against labor contractors could lead victims of sexual harassment, harassment, and discrimination to engage in confidential discussions.

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