The false Politifact of ‘Fact Checkers’, AP and NPR News last year said President Trump did not say that Rittenhouse acted self-defense.

False Stories and their false media are tools used to push political issues to the left. Their tactics are similar to those published by communists and oppressors for many years. Their stories are based on the story of the left-hand side and they often do not accept their erroneous and biased claims. The Rittenhouse case is another example.

A year after a few days Kyle Rittenhouse made headlines for killing two men at a BLM riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, President Trump said young Rittenhouse was defending himself.

The AP took the opportunity to see the President and record his false statements.

EXPERIENCE: Politifact Fake ‘Fact Checkers’, AP and NPR News Last Year Said President Trump Didn’t Say Rittenhouse Defended – But No Apology Now?

PolitiFact also saw the President say that what he was saying was false.

The left NPR called the President a liar in his Rittenhouse statement.

They were all wrong.

Would any of these organizations write an apology to Kyle Rittenhouse, President Trump, and the rest of America for lying? We also read their comments –

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