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As the world celebrates 20th reminder, we sat down with director Chris Columbus to ask Potterheard some tough questions about ‘Harry Potter and the Magic Stone’ – and beyond!

It seems impossible to believe, but it has been 20 years since Harry Potter is a Stone Magician the first public appearance in theaters. Megastars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma watson, and Rupert Grint they were young children, and in order to make well-known people believe, they needed help. Enter Chris Columbus, an enthusiastic leader, who had previously been interested in re-becoming its leader Home Alone and Mayi Doubtfire. With his leadership in the first two films, an international franchise was born.

And it is still there today! So, Chris’ future is an ever-growing issue Harry Potter. Well, he’s already put his name up for consideration, like a powerhouse that might want to make a stage, Harry Potter is a Cursed Child, in a motion picture.

Chris Columbus and Daniel Radcliffe and Maggie Smith are filming Harry Potter’s first film. (Everett Collection)

“I still love to lead Harry Potter is a Cursed Child and the original actors, ”Chris admitted in our discussion about. “I think it would be fun, from unpleasant thoughts and from fan fans, to see our players their age playing this. There’s something about it. It ‘s like not words[Abrams] dealt with Star Wars and that’s why it was wonderful.

As for Star Wars, thirty years after the first trilogy was released, George Lucas he also recalled his videos with advanced CGI and added photos that he had no chance of doing when he shot. A New Hope, The Kingdom Came Back, and The return of the Jedi. Chris has said enthusiastically that he heard “quickly” the visuals in the first HP video, and considering the progress of VFX, we wondered if he would even consider doing the same.

“I would love to,” confided Chris. “There’s another part of me that really needs to get back into the Quidditch game, which we didn’t have enough time to finish well.” But after thinking about it, Chris added: “I would like to go back and discuss it with you a little bit, but there is a question, ‘Do you disturb people’s memories? You do not want to be like that. ”

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson in the first Harry Potter film. (Everett Collection)

Therefore, if The Cursed Son still considered and returned The Magic Stone seems impossible, can Chris return to the magical world with another job? For strong Harry Potter fans, the real hope is that someone has come to pick up the film of the villains. For those of you who don’t know, the Trucks and four Hogwarts students – Remus Lupine, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James Potter – who produced the iconic map of Destroyer that Harry used in movies. Is Chris the man to complete the task?

“It depends on what was written,” he said. “I personally find it difficult to respond to characters other than Harry, Hermione, and Ron, especially Harry, because this was my way of getting into the film as much as I could tell the story, through Harry’s imagination.”

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