The Chinese official tells the US that ‘there is no chance of compromise’ in Taiwan | Stories by Joe Biden

China’s Ministry of Homeland Security has also accused Washington of “disrupting” the island.

China’s Defense Ministry has said “there is no chance of compromise” with the United States upon its arrival in Taiwan, a recent coup d’état and a march on the autonomous island that Beijing sees as a rebel zone.

Asked about US-China relations at a press conference on Thursday, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said both sides benefit from having good and stable relations.

“However, for some time, the U.S. side has said a lot of irresponsible things and done a lot of disgusting things in Taiwan, the South China Sea, and closed the deal with warships and aircraft,” he added.

The comments come a day after President Joe Biden’s inauguration called Taiwan to his upcoming Democracy conference amid growing tensions on the island.

Taipei was the only government on the list of people that Washington does not recognize as an independent state. His inclusion was praised by Taipei and criticized by Beijing.

The US is adhering to Taiwan’s non-aligned policy, providing financial and military support and has always praised Taipei as a symbol of democracy.

On Thursday, Wu added that some aspects of Chinese rule could not be violated.

“Especially in the case of Taiwan, China has no chance of compromise, and the US side should not have a say in the matter,” he said.

Beijing has not said it will seize Taiwan by force and has intense pressure on other countries reducing or terminating ties with the island. That’s it done more a gymnasium that was supposed to change the strength of the Chinese military near the island in recent months.

Following the first November meeting between Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, Chinese journalists said the Chinese leader had warned Biden that promoting Taiwan’s right to “play with fire”.

Meanwhile, Biden told Xi that the US “strongly opposes foreign efforts to change the situation or to disrupt peace and order across the Taiwan Strait,” according to the White House.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Navy said it had destroyed its weapons he passed Taiwan Strait, the first such game after the Biden-Xi conference.

US periodic movement they are often angry Beijing, which sees the waterway as part of its territory.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian described the trip as “a deliberate attempt to disrupt and disrupt peace and order in the region”.

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