The Apple self service app allows you to customize iPhones and Macs yourself

Apple has just been so good at fixing yourself up. The company is initiation Self Service Repair software that can help you fix things yourself using Apple’s tools and equipment. The solution will be available in the US in early 2022 (later that year in other countries) and will initially provide support for iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 (you are watching iFixit i iPhone 13 Pro teardown (above), with Mac-based Macs compatible soon after.

The first “phase” of Self Service Repair will focus on major components such as battery, camera and display, and other relevant components afterwards. Apple asks customers to review the preparation book and key components through Self Service Repair Online Store. The company did not specify the amount of shares that could be purchased, but provided loans to customers who returned the equipment used for the refund.

Not surprisingly, Apple insisted that the app was designed for people with a knack for electronics. The “majority” of people were still good enough to receive help from professionals, either in Apple stores or licensed providers.

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