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As fans prepare for Taylor Swift’s 10-minute ‘All Too Well’ on ‘SNL’, the source tells HL FACTS that the star is ‘more scared’ than ever!

Taylor Swift, 31, has just resigned Red (Taylor’s Version) re-released – and he is ready Saturday Night Live drama on Nov. 13. The singer decided to sing a new 10-minute break-uo song. the song “All Too Well” pa The Tonight Show By Jimmy Fallon – and the source says Hollywood Life BE “eagerly waiting” for the drama.

Taylor Swift plays 5th season on ‘SNL’ on Nov. 13, 2021. (Chelsea Lauren / Shutterstock)

“Taylor is looking forward to tonight and could take part in one or two games but his main goal is to play ‘All To Well’. It’s so important to him that he just tells people he wasn’t scared for a long time, never giving up,” he told HL. Taylor’s upcoming appearances are the ones that did the best fifth appearing on the popular NBC show: she made her debut with “Love Story” in 2009, and came back to perform that year. He took a long break after that, and came back during History in 2017, which happened recently in 2019 after the release of Dear.

“He’s a very good man, and everyone knows he’s going to kill him. People to SNL they are happy and if they feel scared because it shows them that this will increase the risk in the game tonight, “the source added.” It will add a very special event to the show because what they are doing tonight will be forever. He’s putting in a lot of pressure tonight and he hopes his nervous powers will make everything as amazing as it can be. ”

Taylor also said he would make a new version of “All Too Well” for Jimmy Fallon earlier this week. “What if, not two songs are the same as the one three songs?” he laughed, which spread quickly on Twitter. The emotional approach is about separation and Jake Gyllenhaal, 40: The two met briefly in 2009 when Taylor was only 20 years old. Some of the songs he believes are for the actor are “We Are Never Betting Together”.

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