T-Mobile paid $ 19.5 million for a 12 911 hour refund

T-Mobile is also available on the hook due to 911 shutdown. The carrier is agreed to pay $ 19.5 million to complete the FCC investigation of a End of 12 hours in June 2020 which resulted in the failure of 911 phones. Although the FCC did not know exactly how many emergency calls were affected by the incident, it recorded thousands.

More than 23,000 phones failed “at all”, the FCC said, while the same amount did not include much of the location. Approximately another 20,000 did not include more phone calls. The shutdown started when the fiber link in the T-Mobile network was interrupted, and a single location error exacerbated the problem. T-Mobile also had trouble accessing the remote fiber cable.

This was not the first time T-Mobile had tackled the 91st issue. It stabilized to $ 17.5 million in failures in 2014.

We asked T-Mobile for comment. The FCC said the carrier had answered questions about “timely” shutdown, however, this was not a controversial issue. Not that the company could have solved a problem that would not have a significant impact on its finances. And willingly or unwillingly, this can do little to help people who have not been able to get all the help they need in times of crisis.

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