Sudanese security forces arrest Al Jazeera chief of staff in Khartoum | Al Jazeera Stories

El Musalmi El Kabbashi was arrested after security forces stormed his home at night, a source said.

Al Jazeera has condemned the arrest of a Sudanese army chief by security forces in Khartoum, and demanded his immediate release.

El Musalmi El Kabbashi was arrested after a security guard entered his home at night.

No reason has been given for his detention.

“Al Jazeera strongly condemns the actions of the military and calls on the authorities to release El Kabbashi immediately and allow its journalists to work in a non-partisan manner, free to carry out their duties without fear or favor,” said a Doha correspondent. in his remarks Sunday.

“The network has Sudanese soldiers who are responsible for protecting all its employees,” Al Jazeera said.

“In a country where journalists and journalists alike are facing increasing threats, Al Jazeera sees this as an attack on the rights of all journalists and calls on international human rights organizations and journalists to take action to violate the protection of journalists,” he said.

This is not the first time Sudanese officials have targeted Al Jazeera. In 2019, security forces closed the radio station in Khartoum and revoked the operating licenses for network operators in the country.

The arrest of El Kabbashi comes a day after security forces fired shots and tear gas at protesters in Khartoum and its Omdurman twins, killing at least five people.

Security forces stormed another hospital in Omdurman and treated several people, according to doctors.

Thousands of people protested in the streets of the capital and elsewhere on Saturday in protest of last month’s coup.

Protesters are also protesting the formation of a new governing body by a military commander this week that did not include representatives of the Forces of Freedom and Change.

General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who led the army on October 25, re-elected himself as chief of the Sovereign Council on Thursday.

The military is expected to provide leadership to the civilian population in the coming months.

The West has urged the military to change its policy.

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