Squid Game Featurette Makes You Feel Ready

Squid Game players inside seem worried about something on the computer and are ready to run or fight.

Picture: Netflix

History of Hwang Dong-hyuk Squid game it’s a very powerful show. (What if the Korean people were taken away to play children’s games or die?) The new video behind the scenes shows how the various forms of the you are crazy celebrities Netflix original was filmed, and even though you realize that all of this is not real, watching these actors show the game is something to see.

Maybe it’s because there is no music. In contrast ordinary behind artwork videos that we have been accustomed to for years, the 12-minute views here are all played live, with no notice from Dong-hyuk’s director of the show. There is no way to reduce the number of actors who remember a moment or play around. The video just looks like you have a band, and it works.

It’s worth seeing if you want to see how the show is made, or if you just love it Squid is to see them connecting with each other. If you were a fan of Jung Ho-yeon (Kang Sae-byeok) and Lee Yoo-mi (Ji-yeong), you would love to see them sitting together and laughing. It is also interesting to see them comparing the sound of gunfire by saying someone shouting “Bang!” very loud and the actors get into a self-deprecating way as soon as the cameras stop rolling.

Say that Squid game has been hit can be an understatement. Since its end in September, the show is expected to generate nearly $ 1 billion worth of Netflix, albeit at a higher price. very little more than $ 21.4 million. And everyone is trying to get into the game (squid), and different crypto gossip and makers trying to make their own kind of game, with little killing … hopefully. In any case, it is not surprising that Netflix has taken the show for another season.

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