Spotify has formed a multi-year deal with JJ Abrams’ new podcast episode

Spotify is growing podcast interests now join the collaboration with the big studio before it started. Streaming music service is he smirked a multi-year deal that gives “first impressions” the opportunity to get podcasts from JJ Abrams’ new Bad Robot Audio unit. The move prompts Spotify to take over the remnants of Bad Robot which they plan to combine with fiction and false positives.

Bad Robot Audio did not elaborate on the findings, but will feature an experienced leader. Christina Choi will support the new outfit after directing auditing relationships at Audible, and this prior to the development manager at Spotify. He played a key role in Spotify’s initial trial, and surprisingly is eager to collaborate with former employers in his professional career.

This move could be the takeover of Spotify as the Bad Robot podcast group rides and its well-known video group. Spotify has many exceptions from those who only look a little like WWE, and Obamas and Dax Shepard, but associations with common studios at this level are not well known. The system can produce high-quality demonstrations of various kinds, and may include familiar words for discussion.

For Bad Robot, this is part of the digital spread. JJ Abrams Company has changed promotional shows, and last year joined the Evil Robot Games. There is a concerted effort to establish a film industry that transcends traditional cinema, with podcasts representing the next phase.

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