Spain is expected to pass the largest budget in its history

The Spanish House of Representatives is expected to approve the largest budget in the country’s history after Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez won the support of an independent Catalan party in a bid to establish regional language units on digital platforms such as Netflix.

The budget, which includes € 27bn in EU repatriation funds and is due to be released Thursday, unites Sánchez’s power at the same time and illuminates Spain’s divided politics.

The coalition government with the Catalan Republican Left, which also promised to renovate Barcelona’s police headquarters, was only part of the budget process with smaller parties.

Some of the promises he made include watching a children’s radio show in the Basque language, support for victims of asbestos, encouragement for employers working for a short week and significantly improving creative skills.

Máriam Martínez-Bascuñán, a political scientist at the Autonomous University of Madrid, said the budget was a “bazaar”, where “everything is for sale,” instead of just talking about the financial problems caused by Covid or how to manage it. [EU] money ”.

But he added that it was a victory for Sánchez, “based on the division of the legislature” with the union ruling only 155 out of 350 seats.

He added that even if the government did not win budget votes in the future, it could increase the 2022 budget for another year so that it reaches the end of its term by the end of 2023.

The Catalan left, whose 13 ministers provide much-needed government support despite the party’s demand for independence, praised the agreement for companies like Netflix to offer at least 6 percent of their programs in Catalan, Basque, or Galician languages.

An EU guidelines is already forcing such platforms to provide “30 percent of European content in their publications”.

Gabriel Rufián, Catalan left-wing leader, also praised the government’s commitment to redevelop the police headquarters in central Barcelona, ​​which it said should be a museum commemorating its role as a “torture site” during the Francisco Franco fascist regime. who died. in 1975.

The budget was also funded by EH Bildu, a left-handed Basque party led by Arnaldo Otegi, a former member of the Eta terrorist group.

Pablo Casado, leader of the main opposition People’s Party, said the alliance with Bildu would “stop the blood” of Eta-affected people and showed that Spanish Socialist rulers had “lost their democratic life”.

“With the exception of freedom, which always denies everything. . . All the other parties in the room are trying to make sense of it, “said María Jesús Montero, Spain’s finance minister.

The use of EU funds in next year’s budget is at the heart of the Socialist government’s economic and political agenda after a year in which spending has dropped below expectations, by Spain. delay behind the bloc in recovery from the plague.

According to the government’s budget plan, € 3.2bn of EU funding will go towards industrial action next year, € 2.8bn for energy expenditure, € 2.2bn for green infrastructure and € 2.1bn for small businesses’ small and medium.

The government will spend more than € 40bn on most of them – the largest in Spanish history – from the total government budget of € 196bn. When social security and regional transfers are combined, government funding rises to € 459bn.

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