S’More Among The Worldwide Dating Programs To Use AWS Identity To Ensure 100% Of Users And Create A Safe Chat Area

S’More, I anti-superficial dating program founded by former Magic Labs CEO Adam Cohen-Aslatei, announced that it is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) ‘s advanced cloud services to create one of the safest and most secure apps on the market. S’More is one of the first dating programs in the US to use Amazon Rekognition, an in-depth picture study and video analysis, to protect people with false reputations and to remove restrictions. His time may not be ideal because dating programs tend to see treacherous hikes and fishing during the holidays.

The facts are very important for those who are dating in 2021, with 71% of S’More users saying in a recent survey that they plan to be more honest about their photos, messages, and more. Amazon Rekognition is helping to create this recognizable site by making S’More get 50% false reports & ‘catfishers’ and increase the chances that false records can be removed before associating with authenticated users. In addition, S’More is able to remove users who violate the app’s image policy by restricting the content of their images, including hateful images, discriminatory images, false or permitted images, illegal activity images, pornography, obscene language, and more. .

S’More has already verified every user for registration. Amazon Rekognition will enable S’More to reassure the user each time a profile picture is changed using face recognition, as well as to check restricted content using the operating system. The technology will also help S’More ban the accounts of known fish or criminals if they try to return.

S’More has over 300,000 users in just 18 months from beta. Its appearance hides the image of the user, and only reveals it gradually after a regular discussion between the two of them. Singletons can hear a person’s voice, listen to their favorite music, and connect with what they have seen before they appear, which makes many people fall in love. S’More also offers services such as unobtrusive video partners to help users get acquainted with the person before skipping a face-to-face meeting. According to a S’More dating study, 64% of women said they would go for at least three days before meeting a real person. Dates are the most recognizable post-COVID, and the technology promotes S’More’s unique security measures as well as anti-speculation methods.

In the future, Amazon Rekognition may also help S’More users to understand facial expressions and types of images that lead to engagement, discussions, and more to help them build solid reputations, which can help them speed up the process of meeting the right person.

In addition to Amazon Rekognition, S’More uses a variety of AWS cloud services in addition Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), which allows the company to grow its computer equipment and the size of their area.

S’More continues its mission of creating a highly secure environment with partners and 100% guaranteed users, fraudsters and hackers who can hinder good communication. “Eliminating false profiles is very important for users at S” More, “said S’More founder and CEO Adam Cohen-Aslatei. My hope is that all relationship programs provide a secure experience for millions of singles out there. Enough. We have the expertise to be successful as a business, now we need to prioritize and take action! ”

“Building on AWS, S’More has the functionality, security, and scope of work that is needed to create a secure, highly impactful environment for rapidly growing users,” said Eric Feagler, Director of Global Startups, Amazon Web Services, Inc. . “We look forward to continuing to help S’More re-launch online dating in the coming years.”

S’More can be downloaded from iTunes App Store, and can be found on Instagram @smoredate. Read more about Amazon Rekognition Pano.


S’More brings a down-to-earth approach to dating. Instead of moving the history of airbrushed selfies, S’More slowly unveils photos of your profile and other visual elements while chatting, making more people shoot for love. Gone are the days of judging immediately a person based on a selfie. S’More has rich content and affiliate history. Hear someone’s voice and listen to their favorite music before seeing their pictures. S’More also encourages users to link to content such as social media videos. Meet other people who like the same thing and then start a private chat instead of following the dating programs. The program carries public threats to eliminate perpetrators and promote high-level practices. This, combined with the inconspicuous videos, has made S’More a popular brand. It’s similar to the Love is Blind show on Netflix or Bantr from Ted Lasso.

S’More has also raised $ 3M (including funding from Mark Pincus founder Zynga) and has become one of the fastest growing programs in the US launched in early 2020. On Instagram, it has recorded more than 80 episodes during COVID. Celebrities expose their crazy dating stories, play fun games, and offer helpful dating tips. And top talent like actors Olivia Culpo, Tom Bilyeu (founder of Quest Nutrition), and Bravo and Bachelor alum like Sutton Stracke from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Raven Gates from The Bachelor all appeared on the show. S’More has also signed a memorandum of understanding to enable it to publish anti-dating articles.

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