Seahawks’ DK Metcalf explains why he came out late vs. Packers: ‘I’m tired of losing’

DK Metcalf does not like to miss art. This is one of the reasons he played 82 per cent of Seattle’s frustrating games so far in the 2021 NFL season.

It’s one of the reasons he tried to get into the last minute of the Seahawks game against the Packers despite being knocked out.

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Yes, Metcalf missed the last minute of Seattle’s 17-0 defeat at Green Bay. He clashed with a few Packers – Henry Black, Adrian Amos and Eric Stokes – and caught Black and Stokes with their masks. He was also seen throwing punches at Stokes.

The game had already been considered, so the opponents threw three penalties for penalties and threw Metcalf on the game. He tried to get back into the game stealthily, but the authorities immediately picked him up and took him back to the locker room.

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After the game, Metcalf explained what was going through his head when he was released.

“I’m tired of losing,” he told reporters game over.

Metcalf’s frustration is understandable. The Seahawks have lost four of their last five games, and the offense has not been a regular one since Russell Wilson injured his finger in Week 5.

Wilson returned from the same injury Sunday against the Packers, but suffered a concussion. Metcalf had a hard time getting involved in the Seahawks’ lifeless case for that reason.

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Metcalf saw eight goals in the game but only scored three yards in 26 yards.

“I think it’s wrong, we just struggled to get the ball moving,” Metcalf said. “I had a few key drops that I had to catch. We need to make a play …

Metcalf should have the opportunity to make more games going forward. Wilson returned from his injury prematurely, so he should be well as he approaches the recovery period of six or eight weeks he experienced earlier.

This could help the Seahawks offenders – who had never been locked up by Wilson in a helm before Sunday’s game against the Packers – and alleviate Metcalf’s frustration.

That said, it should be a little cool in the field to move forward. The NFL may choose to remind him of this with a fine before the 11th week.

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