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Adele ‘is having a wonderful time’ with BF Rich Paul a few months into their relationship, a source tells HollywoodLife ONLY.

Adele, 33, may have met a close friend and girlfriend Paul Wealthy. “Adele has been in a good relationship and this is different; she feels she can throw around Rich’s best friend’s card because she just thinks it’s right,” the source said. Hollywood Life CRYING. Singer and game talent manager (who repeats names like LeBron James) was set on a blind date earlier this year after the divorce Simon Konecki.

The add-on adds that Rich and Adele have “really connected” within a few months they have been in a relationship. “Adele has had a wonderful time with Rich, he was very close to everyone’s jokes, and he admired each other’s work. He allows time for each other and gives each other enough time to relax,” she said.

Adele and Rich Paul have been dating for several months. (Allen J Schaben / Los Angeles Times / Shutterstock)

With Christmas just around the corner – definitely a great thing for Adele’s daughter Angel, 7 – The singer has more plans with Rich. “By the time we get to the holidays, she’s really looking forward to remembering more with Rich. It’s not a wedding party. it really works, ”The insider said.

Before their blind date, which happened after her divorce Simon Konecki, Adele admitted she was scared. “You can’t set me up for a blind day! I wonder, ‘How can that be?'” He recalled telling his friend in a conversation Rolling Stone. The duo made their first public appearance in July 2021 in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, but did not go. Instagram official until two months later on the NBA star Anthony Davis‘marriage to Marlen P.

In other interviews, Adele revealed that the pair had been dating. “She was always there for me,” she says, “but I did not see her Vogue, realizing that the time was “two years” before their date. “She was dancing. All the other boys were sitting around. They just danced, ”he recalled.

Adele’s divorce is on the front and center of her album 30, which describes the end of her long relationship and her marriage to Simon. “It really saddened me,” she said of the split Rolling Stone. “So having so many people I don’t know that I did not do that job… was very frustrating. I was embarrassed. No one embarrassed me, but you feel like you did not do a good job, ”he added of his split.

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