“Problem Solved” – Trump Announces War, Urges ‘First American’ Lovers to Run Campaign Against Rino

Trump has declared war on RINO lawmakers and called on “First America” ​​patriots to launch a campaign against turncoats in 2022.

“The problem was resolved,” President Trump said when he called Lisa Murkowski, “hot Liz Cheney” and other RINOs.

“Saving America begins with rescuing the GOP from RINOs, traffickers, and well-known losers! In the Senate,” Alaskans from Alaska, “Lisa Murkowski (admittedly), must go. No” almost “no one worse! Trump said.

EXPERIENCE: CONCLUSION: A Conflict Evidence Like Gaige Grosskreutz, A Soldier Who Touched His Gun At Kyle Rittenhouse, Was Charged Two Charges By Defendants Just Days Before The Judgment.

Every RINO should go.

The RNC and the GOP proudly supported Lisa Murkowski after she announced her re-election.

On Friday Murkowski announced his intention to run for re-election. He could not persecute the world.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee was quick to approve Murkowski.

Murkowski, Cheney and any RINO who voted to replace Trump should be removed from Congress.

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