Pompeo and Mnuchin Decide to Order 25 Changes on the Evening of January 6

It seems that every day we receive a new revelation from Jonathan Karl’s new book Giving related to the last months of the Trump administration and the critical period between December 15 and January 6. These days are no different.

A recent release indicates that the evening negotiations between Mnuchin and Pompeo on January 6 focused specifically on calling for the 25th Amendment. According to Karl, in the end, the resignation of the prime minister in the cabinet began before it convened to consider Trump’s replacement through the 25th Amendment and all attempts were unsuccessful.

Interestingly, in confirming the story, both Mnuchin and Pompeo continue to fear Trump until it was difficult for Karl to confirm. Monga Middle countries:

Karl also said that Mnuchin and Pompeo repeatedly refused to comment on the matter, until an ABC News reporter asked Trump one last time before the book was released and sent his reports to the President. A few hours later, Karl received a phone call from a Pompeo spokesman who denied the allegations. However, the spokesman declined to be named, according to an ABC News reporter.

“It was a lie, he knew it was a lie,” Karl said. “And Mnuchin did not deny anything, but Pompeo refused because he received a phone call from Mar-a-Lago.”

The difficulty of getting the story straightened out shows Trump’s impressive and dangerous power, how one can prove that he has gone too far, even for him (as he does many times, also on January 6) when people are ready to turn him in public, but later find that somehow, Trump rehabilitated him so that it was even more dangerous to cross him and someone denied what could not be denied – a phone call on the 25th Amendment issue.

This is why potential opponents of Trump are afraid to do everything with him. Trump has a survival policy that seems to allow him to maintain his power to hold on to his base and destroy the people. Nowhere is it better presented than the difficulty in simply trying to prove if the 25th Amendment was addressed on the night of January 6th.

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