Phil Spencer strongly suggests that ‘Elder Scrolls VI’ will be Xbox and PC only

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer has given a very powerful suggestion here Large Scrolls VI it does not come to PlayStation. From Microsoft bought the owner Bethesda Softworks ZeniMax Media earlier this year, inquiries were circulated around the only ongoing franchise platform, such as Elder Scrolls, Doom and Fallout.

Spencer also stated that isolation can be determined by a “Events are events.” He later said Microsoft “will continue to invest in player teams” and that “there may be items with contractual or legitimate content on various platforms that we can do.” Pa, he was sure that the ZeniMax / Bethesda partnership is primarily a “special gaming provider.”

Now, in an interview with Price of GQ to mark 20 years of Xbox, Spenser reiterated that, as of next year Starfield, Large Scrolls VI will be locked on Xbox consoles, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming. “It’s not about punishing any platform, as I believe all platforms can continue to grow,” he said. “But to be on the Xbox, I want to be able to bring everything we have. And that would be true when I think about it Large Scrolls VI. This can be true when I consider any of our finances. ”

This would not build trust between them, say, Skyrim fans to play Large Scrolls VI on PlayStation and Edit. Anyway, it’s a look at Bethesda Starfield, it may be some time before this happens reveals a lot about the next Elder Scrolls game.

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