Owlet stopped selling baby socks after ordering an FDA

Following a from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Owlet has stopped selling his well-known family Smart Sock to the US. On October 5, the agency contacted Owlet to inform the company that it was selling clothing “without any advertising, patent or clearance.”

Mu a written by , Owlet says, complies with the FDA request. He has stopped selling socks as he seeks approval from the FDA. The company says it will soon launch a “new sleep monitoring system”.

“With over one million children under supervision, we are very proud of Owlet’s expertise and expertise,” the company said. “We will continue to monitor our work and work with the FDA to continue providing monitoring and feedback to parents and infants.”

If you have Smart Sock 3 or one of the lead, Owlet claims that the FDA did not recognize any safety features and clothing. Nor did he ask the company to repay it. Owlet says it will continue to support the material as it works on a new device.

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