Olaf Scholz became Chancellor of Germany after a memorandum of understanding

Olaf Scholz unveiled a joint venture between the Social Democrats, Greens and liberals that will allow him to replace Angela Merkel as German Chancellor, promising “Germany’s largest industrial development in more than 100 years”.

He added that the agreement would pave the way for Germany to become a “pioneer in climate protection”, adding that “we will make more money for Germany to become a world leader”. Annalena Baerbock, Green’s leader, said the new government would introduce a “paradigm change” in German politics.

The coalition was the result of nearly two months of intense negotiations after the Social Democrats’. limited success in national elections on September 26th.

While the emphasis on Wednesday’s party leadership meeting was on climate change, public finance and increased workers’ rights, the key to the new government was to end the scourge that threatens German hospitals. Officials also reported 66,884 new coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours – a new report.

Under the coalition agreement, the SPD will receive six services, in addition to chancellery, while the Greens will receive six and the Liberal Free Democrats (FDP), four.

The Greens will oversee the newly formed Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance and Climate Change. Although there was no official announcement, people close to the talks said Baerbock was leading the first and Robert Habeck, his Greens’ counterpart, second.

Traffic monitoring: Greens leaders Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, third and fourth from left, SPD Chancellor Olaf Scholz, center, and FDP leader Christian Lindner, fourth from right, are pictured after agreeing to a memorandum of understanding © Odd Andersen / AFP / Getty

Baerbock said the parties agreed to “return to the European foreign policy”, which was based on negotiations and negotiations as well as “ethical and human rights”.

The Ministry of Finance goes to the FDP, which has a history of spending: it is expected in Berlin for the party’s leader, Christian Lindner, to become a minister.

Speaking on Wednesday afternoon, he said the agreement would ensure that Germany remained “a good representative [public] economy – this is important because of the concerns that many people have right now about inflation “.

The September election disrupted German politics. By Merkel leaving the stage after four regimes as chancellor, his Christian Democrats came down to their worst outcome and were forced to protest for the first time in 16 years and only the third time since World War II.

The inefficiency of the CDU paved the way for Scholz to form an alliance of “light vehicles” with the Greens and the free – the so-called three-party brands. It will be the first such agreement on a global scale in German history and is expected to wage war on climate change in its negotiations.

The parties agreed to bring Germany out of coal “right” by 2030 (currently to be done in 2038). He also said that he will ensure that renewable energy sources make up 80 percent of Germany’s electricity by 2030, up from 45 percent last year. In addition, 2 percent of German territories have to maintain wind turbines.

The parties also agreed to approve cannabis by the authorities, increase the rent, raise the minimum wage from € 9.60 per hour to € 12, and allow the establishment of armed drones to better protect Bundeswehr troops.

The parties agreed to take a more strategic approach to financial planning, insisting that Germany returns to “debt brake”, a new rental hat enshrined in the constitution of this country, which was suspended during the plague, in 2023.

Asked how he could spend the money he was planning while still in debt, Habeck said he “knew how to pay” without giving much.

The SPD and the FDP will hold party meetings to ratify the agreement when the Greens will vote for all 125,000 eco-party members. If it gets green light, the new government will be sworn in by the Bundestag early next month.

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