Obama-Appointed Judge Temporarily Ban Tennessee Prohibition of Masks in Schools

A state judge Sunday night temporarily suspended Tennessee’s new law banning schools in the suburbs.

Governor Bill Lee on Friday signed a new Covid bill into law banning schools.

On Friday afternoon a lawsuit was filed in behalf of eight Tennessee students arguing that their rights under the American Disabilities Act (ADA) would be violated if masks were banned in schools.

The Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court in central Tennessee Waverly D. Crenshaw overturned the new law.

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“In view of the alleged conflict and the potential for disruption of schools in Tennessee, pending the outcome of the case, the parties must adhere to STATUS QUO in respect of students with disabilities and their government-guaranteed rights from Thursday, November 11, 2021.” a Obama-appointed judge wrote.

Fox13 Memphis reports:

Governor Bill Lee approved a ban on schools forcing a mask only after COVID-19 levels rose Friday afternoon.

One day after the governor signed the law, districts in rural schools such as Collierville, Germantown and others across Shelby County began announcing changes to the policy.

However, in a ruling Sunday, U.S. District Judge Waverly Crenshaw of the Middle District in Tennessee said, “In view of the so-called chaos and chaos that could cause schools in Tennessee … the day before Lee signed the anti-shell ban.

The judge has rescheduled a meeting on Monday afternoon.

According to Fox 13, a number of Tennessee schools announced Sunday evening that they are keeping track of what they want.

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