Nick Saban laments Alabama ‘selfish’ football fans: ‘We are no longer happy to win the game’

Under Nick Saban, Alabama is known for shooting opponents. Crimson Tide has been growing so big that fans are often frustrated when the “only” team wins by a few points.

Well, Saban thinks this idea is unfair to his players. In a recent episode of “The Nick Saban Show,” the 70-year-old coach spoke for two minutes about how his players are human, and how fans who expect his team to destroy his opponent every week are impossible.

“When I came here, everyone was happy to win the game. Now, we are no longer happy to win the game. We are not happy to win the game,” Saban said. “We think we should win every game, and I don’t think this is good for the players, because our players work hard to be as good as they can be. … And they are not perfect. It’s just college students.”

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Saban also described how Alabama earns the best of his opponent’s games every week thanks to Crimson Tide’s history. Last Saturday, he played a tough game against Arkansas, winning the final 42-35.

“They don’t just throw in the towel. They work hard to try and get better. Everyone wants to beat us,” Saban said. “We get the best games for everyone, and I don’t know why people can’t understand this. You could say it’s not good for our players to get the best games for everyone, but they do.”

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Saban added his strength to the end of the insult. He started screaming at the microphone as people cheered for him.

“This is not professional football. These guys are not paid to play here. They represent you all. You should be proud and happy to help them and appreciate what they are doing and appreciate,” said Saban. “And you know what else? No one wants to win more than they do. Not me, not you – I don’t care what you like.”

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Saban sat up and clapped his hands after finishing these words, but he had not finished. He sat down and called the Alabama fans “selfish.”

“And no one suffers more than they do when they lose. None. That’s why, for selfish people you can’t look after yourself to appreciate what other people are doing,” Saban said before introducing himself. to the end.

Alabama will face Auburn on Saturday afternoon before leaving Atlanta to face Georgia in a SEC Championship match on Dec. 4.

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