NHTSA is investigating Tesla’s hit hit on a Full Self-Driving beta

Aren’t you comfortable with the idea of ​​Tesla letting its owners try Full Self-Driving beta in the public squares? You are not alone. Reuters reports The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating a driver’s complaint that the FSD beta triggered the November 3 crash in Brea, California. The owner alleged that his Model Y got into the wrong lane, which resulted in another car being damaged and extensive damage left.

The EV issued a slight warning at the entrance, according to the driver. However, the FSD program says it will not allow the driver to restart, forcing the vehicle into the wrong direction. Tesla has not commented on the incident and believes it has terminated its PR. The maker of the machine often reduces the beta for dedicated drivers with more security and warns that testers should be ready to take less time.

The investigation will not say that FSD was the cause of the crash, nor did Tesla take action. It represents, however, a very recent representation of the growing number of Tesla and executives. The NHTSA launched research into Autopilot this August following a sudden car crash, and expressed concern in October that Tesla was using beta “on public roads.” Officials are not happy that Tesla is experimenting on the real road, and the investigation could help in their case.

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