NFL DFS Selects Week 10: Sleepers, DraftKings Essentials, FanDuel Tournaments

Last week was another crazy one in the wilds of the 2021 NFL season, full of twists and turns and no one with the best ideas could have predicted. Jaguars on Bills? Titans without Derrick Henry on the Rams? Talking about instability. However, our NFL DFS lists remained strong due to our long-term approach to finding lodgers and cheap in the DraftKings and FanDuel competitions earlier this week. Let’s do the same before 10 Weeks.

If you love to play DFS all the time or just want to get on the edge or corner with your football-related betting, this session will be yours all season long. Each week, we put a list of sleepers and / or picks under the radar to help you win cool, solid money on two of the most popular daily pages. For players who add a lot of money, you also have a lot of guaranteed weekly purchases at other venues.

WEEK 10 DFS: Best stacks | | Lineup Builder

If you had read this passage last week, you would have benefited from our strategy to connect low-cost, high-cost players into your Week 9 DFS series. Here is a list of our several beats from last Sunday, including the value of each DraftKings player and the final PPR results:

  • Teddy Bridgewater, Broncos at the Cowboys (DK: 5,300): 23.9 fiction
  • Trevor Siemian, Saints vs. Falcons (DK: $ 5,400): 19.96
  • Elijah Mitchell, 49ers vs. Cardinals (DK: $ 5,800): 12.9
  • Brandin Cooks, Texans on Dolphins (DK: $ 6,100): 11.6
  • Miami Dolphins vs. Houston Texans (DK: $ 3,100): 17.0

Looks like another great week in the books! If you have connected two or three of the less important, better players, you have also given yourself two other top players in other positions. Making a lot of money from your finances has become a game name in DFS, which is why it is important to make your efforts before you create a line.

Leave a deep impression on us – we have come for you, from the first to the last 2021 NFL game. Let’s jump into Week 10!

All gameplay features are from DraftKings and FanDuel. All figures are from and Pro Football Reference.

WEEK 10 DFS LINEUPS: FanDuel | | DraftKings | | Yahoo

NFL DFS Selects Week 10: QB Sleepers, DraftKings course, FanDuel

Matt Ryan, Falcons and Cowboys (DK: $ 6,000 | FD: $ 7,300)

Don’t look here, but the former MVP has the Falcons who are the seventh seed in the NFC game charts. He plays very well even without the safety blanket Calvin Ridley (his). Atlanta have won three of their last four games, probably thanks to their passing games. Rookie Kyle Pitts’ finale was as impressive as we think, and Cordarrelle Patterson a mixed RB / WR multi-player blessed everyone around him with his breakup. Matty Ice now has 20.2 hypotheses per game, and Dallas is ranked 30th in the NFL in the QBs. In a game that the oddsmakers are hoping to reach 55 points with Atlanta down a nine-point ground, sign me up to Matty on the Rocks. As ugly as it is, it has to offer points.

Carson Wentz, Colts vs. Jaguars (DK: $ 5,900 | FD: $ 7,500)

Did you know that Indianapolis has the second most successful trial in the AFC? Probably not, considering that the Colts are 12th in intelligence meetings. With Indy off to a slow start, Wentz has been doing well since Week 5, with about 25.3 fictional points per game at this point. He has scored three touchdowns in the last three games and has had several TDs in all but two games this season. Now he gets a home game against Jacksonville, the 26th defense against the QBs in the fantasy. Wentz will be encouraged if TY Hilton returns from the fray. In all 10 years, the four-time Pro Bowler earns 75.3 yards per game against the Jags. Wentz and Hilton can be saved for a simple price of just $ 10,600.

Teddy Bridgewater, Broncos vs. Eagles (DK: $ 5,500 | FD: $ 7,200)

Readers should assume that I am a fan of Teddy B because he appeared in this episode several times earlier this season. But as long as it is listed below $ 6,000 in good pronunciation, then it is worth shouting. Bridgewater and the Broncos defeated the Cowboys in Arlington last week, and are now heading home to Mile High to receive Philly secondary which Justin Herbert and Chargers just destroyed 356 yards through. Get Bridgewater for $ 1,000 less than Eagles QB Jalen Hurts (DK: $ 6,500) so you can upgrade an RB unit to someone like New England Damien Harris ($ 5,900) to Green Bay’s Aaron Jones ($ 6,900).

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NFL DFS Selects Week 10: RB Sleepers, DraftKings tracks, FanDuel

Melvin Gordon III, Broncos vs. Eagles (DK: $ 5,300 | FD: $ 6,300)

I’m at the Broncos this week because the Eagles are a bad team that hides behind a very fast quarterback. Philly can’t stop running, giving 119.7 yards per game this season. It also allowed six TDs to run in its last four games. Gordon has been doing well this season, about five yards per touch, and has scored six times, plus four in the last three weeks.

Javonte Williams, Broncos vs. Eagles (DK: $ 5,000 | FD: $ 5,800)

Perverts the plot! Yes, I encourage all Broncos runners this weekend. Hey, it splits slowly and runs even 50/50, and it’s hard to argue with the results! Williams ran 111 yards against Dallas last week, showing his explosion and instability. The explosion seems imminent now, especially considering I just sold him and George Kittle to Travis Kelce in a fictional hometown competition. The Eagles are in 25th place in the finale that is allowed to run in the back, so do not hesitate to catch (or all) the back of Denver.

Tony Pollard, Cowboys vs. Falcons (DK: $ 4,600 | FD: $ 6,500)

Here’s another one with a long roof and a floor, which we usually see at low prices. Pollard will offer a great chance if Ezekiel Elliott is delayed by a knee injury, but will also be worth $ 4,600 in PPR despite Zeke playing normally. The Falcons are dropping a very high point just running back, and Pollard has been doing very well with his chances this season. His average 5.6-yard drive is fourth among all RBs in the NFL, behind Nick Chubb, Jonathan Taylor, and Chase Edmonds.

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NFL DFS Selection Week 10: WR Sleepers, DraftKings best, FanDuel

Russell Gage, Falcons and Cowboys (DK: $ 5,000 | FD: $ 6,000)

You might expect the total Cordarrelle Patterson and Matt Ryan after he hyped him up already, but he is mentioned as running back and going for $ 6,000. No benefit there! Instead, I’ll take Gage, a Falcon that still seems to fly under the DFS radar. Gage scored seven goals in eight of 64 yards in the Atlanta 27-25 win over New Orleans on Sunday. This is the second time in three games that he has shot at least 64 yards, and the third time in his five games he has been shot six or more times. The Cowboys make 24th in PPR points that are allowed to spread, and Jerry Jeudy and Tim Patrick just joined the 10-154-1 line at Arlington in Week 9. Take Gage out of the barn.

Jakobi Meyers, Patriots vs. Browns (DK: $ 4,800 | FD: $ 5,500)

I usually don’t believe in magic, but I do believe I attract players when I sell them. Therefore, let go of James, who I have just joined two fictional groups. I’m sure Meyers will now get his first hit (after 38 games, catching 131, and 1,522 yards receiver). The Browns are ranked 23rd in terms of fiction given to most recipients. This week, believe me – Mythical gods are cruel to me, but I can use my juju to benefit as an expert. (I’m just kidding, sad.)

TY Hilton, Colts vs. Jaguars (DK: $ 4,700 | FD: $ 6,000)

As I told you before when we talked about Wentz, Hilton is the best player at $ 4,700 if he can achieve this week after recovering from a coma. The Jaguars are the fourth most generous defense for most recipients in the fictional arena, and Hilton is very proud of its competitors. If they play, keep Hilton and Wentz and enjoy the double thrill, the double thrill. Second-year student Michael Pittman Jr. they cannot be glorious every week.

NFL DFS Selection Week 10: TE Sleepers, DraftKings best, FanDuel

Noah Fant, Broncos vs. Eagles (DK: $ 4,300 | FD: $ 5,700)

I promise I will not start Bridgewater, Gordon, Williams, and Fant on the entry for DFS, but I will have sections for everyone scattered on the various offerings. Fant came out on the COVID-19 list this week, but it is still worth $ 4,300 if it is a private one. Spend more money on time, catch Fant, and dance less. Philly died one last time against a stronghold in fantasy.

Pat Freiermuth, Steelers vs. Mikango (DK: $ 3,900 | FD: $ 5,100)

Shout out to my favorite podcast, Fictional Football Players, who make me spit my coffee every week while shouting “The ‘muth is looth!” How can you not love that? And how can you not love Freiermuth production soon? Eric Ebron has been an MIA with injuries over the past few weeks, allowing ‘muth running to satisfy his heart. The Rookie Penn State product scored five of six goals in 43 yards and two goals in Pittsburgh on Monday night to win the Bears, and now pulls the Lions defense that only allowed Dallas Goedert to work six yards for 72 yards. of ‘muth’ before ascending.

NFL DFS Selects Week 10: D / ST Sleepers, DraftKings favorites, FanDuel

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at WFT (DK: $ 3,500 | FD: $ 4,400)

Defensive Bucs-Champion has been one of the best defense all season, and their fantasy design fits amazingly well with this. Do not overdo it – $ 3,500 is a valuable asset for the high-profile defense against the shaky Washington Football Club. Washington allows D / STs to get 10 of the most imaginative points in any game this season. Buc it up.

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