NFL Climate Change Week 10: Light rain, wind, and cold weather predict that will not affect speculative decisions, sit ’em

Last week’s season was the best at this time of year, and Week 10 NFL season seems to be calm. There are some minor hurdles of rain, low winds, and low rainfall, but fictional ball owners should not have to worry too much about the weather when making starting decisions, sit ’em. As always, however, with the help of RotoGrinders climate specialist Kevin Roth, we will explain the weather you need to know.

Before we get into the Week 10 predictions, here’s a reminder that if you have questions about the game season or how the weather will affect the game (and, perhaps, your mind, DFS, and gambling), do not hesitate to reach out to them. RotoGrinders Meteorologist Kevin Roth on Twitter (@KevinRothWx) or see NFL hourly weather forecasts on RotoGrinders. To improve your game, sign up for WeatherEdge’s exclusive RotoGrinders tool and see how different seasons have affected history.

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NFL weather changes Week 10

Respectful predictions for Kevin Roth at RotoGrinders.

Akwangwala @ Dolphins. There is a chance of more than 50 percent of the rain in the Miami area on Thursday night, but it is not yet known what the risk of rainfall is in the stadium. It would not be surprising if there was a rain, but it does not sound like it will seriously affect the game. Look again at the starting point.

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Mikango @ Steelers. There may be light rain and very hot winds -30s / low-40s. Unless the predictions are made, the weather should not be a barrier to speculation. (Changes: There may be snow, but for now, it will not affect the game much.)

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Seahawks @ Packers. There’s a slight chance of rain, wind around 10 mph, and temperatures in the 30s – less frequent conditions, but nothing much crazy in November, especially in Green Bay. This should not affect any imaginary choices.

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All of that can change as we get closer to the start. You can follow meteorologist Kevin Roth on Twitter (@KevinRothWx) I see NFL hourly weather forecasts on RotoGrinders. For the best weather forecast tips, take a look WeatherEdge.

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