Myth 11-Day Safe Havens: Who can start, stay in D / ST in fantasy football

Although only two teams remain this week, our Week 11 defense system is feeling the effects. The Rams often need to start, while the Broncos can work as a drop wire. And most importantly, the Broncos are a type of matchup that makes D / ST sleepers, so I also minimize things a bit.

That being said, there are a few games related to matchup available this week; Unfortunately, many are not particularly well-off. The Eagles (anti-Saints) are the most popular defense team, but Trevor Siemian and the Saints are still playing well, so matchup, especially on paper, is not very appealing. The 49ers (@Jaguars), Dolphins (@Jets), and Washington (@Panthers) are also in good shape, but all the dangers are due to their game this year.

Quarterback | | Running backwards | | Wide receiver | | Strong end | | Kicker

The Jets (vs. Dolphins) and Falcons (vs. Patriots) also have good domestic matchups, but they are weaker in defense than those mentioned above, so you may be at greater risk from the start.

Quarterback | | Running backwards | | Wide receiver | | Strong end | | Kicker

A few owners may need to take advantage of this week, as regulators like Colts (@Bills), Cardinals (@ Seahawks), and Steelers (@ Charger) are in for a rude awakening. The Bengal has once again become a popular drama this year, but matchup in Vegas may not be easy.

In the end, you can choose to have a D / ST that has been good for you all year long with minimal protection that has a good matchup. We love matchups, but in the meantime, it’s important to review your profile and how you view the holiday season. If you are traveling for fun, then you can go the “high” route. If you are in “must-win” mode, then play matchups, go to the high ceiling, and worry about next week Tuesday.

It is also good to look at the future matchups and think of carrying a few D / STs to stay ahead of the fun game. For example, Philadelphia has Giants, Jets, bye, Washington, Giants, and Washington through Week 17. While you do not want to use the Eagles this week against the Saints, it is not a bad idea to have them around. Similarly, you may not like Chargers against the Steelers (or you probably do), but future matchups against Denver (Week 12), Giants (14), and Texans (16) can have Bolts to change. .

All in all, this is not a good week for self-defense. Some of the higher units have better matchups, which are always good for those with D / STs, but it is not a good week if you need a driver. Obviously, any defense can have a chance and get a supply or return TD, so go with your gut and hope for the best.

Note: We will be updating the D / ST rankings throughout the week, so check back with the latest reviews and player trends.

Myth 11-Day Safe Havens: Who can start, stay in D / ST in fantasy football

Responsibility Group
1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. NYG
2 Tennessee Titans vs. HOU
3 Buffalo Bills Vs. IND
4 Carolina Panthers vs. WAS
5 New England Patriots @ ATL
6 Cleveland Browns vs. DET
7 Dallas Cowboys @ KC
8 Baltimore Ravens @ CHI
9 New Orleans Saints @ PHI
10 Philadelphia Eagles vs. NO
11 San Francisco 49ers @ JAX
12 Miami Dolphins @ NYJ
13 Washington Football Team @ CAR
14 Los Angeles Chargers v. PIT
15 Arizona Cardinals @ SEA
16 Cincinnati Bengals @ LV
17 Green Bay Packers @ MIN
18 Indianapolis Colts @ BUF
19 Pittsburgh Steelers @ LAC
20 New York Jets vs. MIA
21 Atlanta Falcons Vs. NE
22 Las Vegas Raiders vs. CIN
23 Minnesota Vikings against GB
24 Jacksonville Jaguars vs. SF
25 Chicago Bears vs. BAL
26 Detroit @ CLE Hangers
27 Seattle Seahawks vs. ARI
28 Kansas City Chiefs vs. DAL
29 Houston Texans @ TEN
30 New York Giants @ TB

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