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The ‘Ghost’ world is about to become increasingly complex with the expansion of Mecca. HL spoke to Daniel Sunjata of Power Book II, Woody McClain, and Berto Colon about what to expect in season 2.

Power Book II: Ghost returns for season 2 on November 21. The a world of chaos and danger in the STARZ series will be hosting Mecca, which will be played by Daniel Sunjata, in a cage. Judging by the appearance of the trailer, it looks like Mecca could be a real enemy. Hollywood Life received a GREAT CONCLUSION from Daniel about the type of enemy that will be in season 2.

Mary J. Blige and Daniel Sunjata on ‘Power Book II: Ghost.’ (STARZ)

Daniel states: “What is obscure, not always contradictory Hollywood Life during a press conference. It depends on what they want to massage us with. They can be friendly. Obviously they can be very violent. I think the story in Mecca is the most amazing in the world. Spirit and the choices they make make sense for many other people. “

Sugarcane should work in conjunction with Mecca, and Woody McClain agreed that Mecca would be the father of the Sugarcane tribe. “I feel like Cane sees Mecca doing what Cane can do,” Woody said. “But then he sees that Mecca has a lot of opportunities to get more, and I think Cane is looking at Mecca to be the father he doesn’t have in his life right now because dad is in prison, so Mecca. I think he sees Mecca showing him a little respect, so I think that’s all Cane wants. He just wants respect, and he’s getting it from Mecca. “

Mecca is able to join Cane because her father is still in prison. “I think all that Lorenzo has is his ability to continue to use his strengths, his strengths, his goals, his goals in his absence,” he said. Berto Colon supported. “You will see that the plot is still growing, and it will be very difficult this year with the relationship with his wife and children and the world as they face it.”

Power Book II Ghost
Michael Rainey Jr. and Woody McClain on ‘Power Book II Ghost.’ (STARZ)

End of season 1 was a time of jaw dropping when Tariq killed Jabari in the park. Cane saw that everything was going down, so we asked Woody what Cane had done with the information.

“I think Cane knows he feels like he has a problem with Tariq,” Woody said. “Now they feel like they’re at the same level, so I think they’ll enjoy it. Very interesting. ” Power Book II: Ghost will show Sunday on STARZ.

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