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Adele’s ‘One Night Only’ concert guest list was one of the A-listers. Drake, Selena Gomez, Lizzo, and other celebrities found the front seats for Adele to return.

There were many stars in the gaps of AdeleCBS is more unique than the atmosphere in Los Angeles. Adele One Night Only saw the 33-year-old singer climb the stage at L.A’s. Griffith Observatory, plays a team that includes the famous A-series like Gabrielle Union, her husband Dwyane Wade, and James Corden, to name just a few. “I flew all over the world to be here,” Tyler Perry said Fun Weekly’s a special show. The Late Late Show the host was also amazed at what had happened. “What a wonderful evening,” Corden said. But that was only the beginning

As the specialty progressed, it was clear that all of Hollywood had really packed up and headed up to the Griffith Observatory to see Adele perform. The list of guests was one kilometer long: Seth Rogen was on the front line; monsters Nicole Richie was there, along with Selena Gomez,Gayle King, Ellen DeGeneres, Gordon Ramsay, Sarah Paulson, Melissa McCarthy, Donald Glover, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ava DuVernay, Drake, and yes, see Leonardo Dicaprio!

Before the show, we knew that someone else was doing well. There are moments in the preview right now Lizzo on his feet, clothed in fine linen and purple. “Also, let me find you, Lizzo,” Adele tells the “Rumors” singer. “You’re better than me, babies.” Adele promises that there will be more wise and some of them trademark joke. “It will look great, and then I say a lot of dirty jokes. It will be like a whip to them,” Adele said. Oprah Winfrey, who asked Lizzo about two special hours.

Adele One Night Only saw the “Hello” singer enter his studio as he also provided viewers with a taste of his upcoming disc, 30. “You’ll hear a lot of old songs and then four new songs,” Adele told Oprah. He also discussed how the Griffith Observatory was the perfect place for a “return” concert. “Being back in LA, where I had to give up everything that happened in my life a few years ago. It was a great show.”

Adele at the Brit Awards 2016 (Richard Young / Shutterstock)
Lizzo at Global Citizen Live 2021 (Kristin Callahan / Shutterstock)

“Everything that happened in my life” Adele says? He means the end of his marriage and Simon Konecki. The couple announced their separation in April 2019 after three years of marriage. “It was a long time,” Adele said he spoke of his divorce. It was tiring, it was very effective, but I was able to find the time I needed, which was not given to everyone. I well know that. ” Adele, who has a son, Angelo Adkins, 9, and Simon, said that his new album will show “my side” of the story. “I have learned more in the last few years than ever before,” he said. 30 arrives on Nov. 19.

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