Lakers’ LeBron James of criticism from Enes Kanter of the Celtics: ‘Not someone I can give my strength to’

While LeBron James returned Friday from a recent head-to-head clash between the Lakers and the Celtics, he returned to the most recent Celtics Center head of Enes Kanter as well.

Kanter, who has been talking about a number of group issues, recently posted his Twitter feed speaking out against the Chinese government and Nike, including major actors such as James and Michael Jordan.

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This season, Kanter also spoke through photos and messages on sportswear worn at the games. His most recent shoes were aimed at James in particular.

Ahead of the Celtics and Lakers’ meeting, Kanter shared photos of the shoes he wore during the game. The sneakers had the shape of James along with some pictures. In the same tweet, posted by James and Nike, Kanter wrote “Money over Morals for the King.”

Following the loss of the Lakers 130-108 at TD Garden, James was asked about how Kanter used his form.

“If you know me, I don’t give a lot of people my power, and I’m certainly not the person I can give power to,” James said of Kanter. “[He’s] trying to use my name for personal gain. “

James went on to say that Kanter “always has one or two words to say directly to me, and as a man, if you have a problem with someone, you get to them.” He was lucky tonight. Ine [had] to see him on the road. He passed by me. “

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Although he was not on the road, Bleacher Report’s A. Sherrod Blakely shared a video of Kanter’s play walking past James on the court during a rehearsal.

It’s hard to explain the origin of the ongoing feud between James and Kanter, but one of the first well-known running incidents happened when James was still with the Cavaliers and Kanter was with the Knicks. Kanter did not agree with what James said that the Knicks should have chosen Dennis Smith Jr. on behalf of Frank Ntilikina.

The following night, James, Ntilikina and Kanter were in the middle of a mid-game game.

In addition to criticizing his relationship with Nike, Kanter appeared on CNN in October and criticized James. for his refusal to be a representative of the state of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Celtics and Lakers meet for the second and final time of the season on Tuesday, 7 Dec.

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