Kyle Rittenhouse Can Deal With Federal Remuneration As Rep. Nadler Calls for a Review of the DOJ

Judicial Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is summoning the DOJ to reconsider the shooting of Kyle Rittenhouse over possible federal charges.

Rep. Nadler tweeted:

Kyle Rittenhouse Crossed Government Lines Which Means He Can Be Legalized

There are a number of issues that Kyle Rittenhouse can face, including human rights abuses and hate crimes. Rittenhouse’s case had been so defiled by the judge’s conduct that the case had to be reviewed by the government.

The idea that a person can appear on a show is a full-blown weapon, killing two people, and then claiming to defend themselves. flies in the face of logic and intelligence.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has made the protection of human rights a priority in the Department of Justice. One cannot think of a gross violation of human rights other than death while exercising one’s First Amendment right.

Rittenhouse’s case cries out for DOJ review.

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