Klay Thompson says the Warriors are a real headliner

Klay Thompson’s return to the Golden State Warriors is very close, but the All-Star shooting guards loved what they saw from his teammates so far.

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The Warriors are currently top of the Western Conference and have an excellent NBA record at 16-2. Thompson was asked a few days ago if he believed the team had enough to play as some of the previous Warriors teams have played, and Thompson answered firmly.

“Oh, yeah. We’re 15-2. It’s a big sign. Our defense is above 3 in the league along with our mistakes. And I’m not out there,” he said. Think about that. Think about that.

Golden State is currently ranked number one in the league in defense and has high points on the average game this season is 13.5.

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Thompson has not played in an NBA tournament since Game 6 of the NBA Finals when he tore his left ACL. He never played in the COVID-19 season that disrupted 2019-2020, but broke his Achilles tendon in November 2020. On Tuesday he participated in his first Warriors game ever since.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Thompson said. “Just running down the aisle and playing basketball, is a great blessing and makes getting to work easier. Tired things are behind me, and now I’m back in the game – I have to be patient because I can be a very friendly person to go play, but I am very happy to be there. “

The Warriors have one lead in the Suns’ burning game at the Western Conference and will play five of their 10 games along the way. He has a tough game, leading the Blazers to follow Thanksgiving, away from the Clippers, and then the home / away list of Phoenix.

(Always East.)

The Warriors are coming up with a plan
Day Defendant Time National TV
Nov. 24 and 76s He won 116-96 ESPN price
Nov. 26 against Trail Blazers 10:00 pm
Nov. 28 in LA Clippers 3:30 pm
Nov. 30 in the Suns 10:00 pm TNT
December 3 against the Sun. 10:00 pm
December 4 vs. Spurs 8:30 p.m.
December 6 against Magic 10:00 pm
December 8 against Trail Blazers 10:00 pm ESPN price
December 11 @ 76 pa 8:30 p.m. ABC
December 13 @Pacers 7:00 pm
December 14 @Knicks 7:30 pm TNT

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