Ketulo Raises $ 25M To Help Insurance Companies Protect Fire

Kettle, founder of insurtech in San Francisco, has raised $ 25 million Series A money bringing machine learning and reinsurance to deal with fire damage.

The tour was led by Acrew Capital, with participation from Homebrew, True Ventures, Anthemis, Valor, DCVC, and LowerCarbon Capital. Kettle has now raised $ 29.7 million, which will allow him to become a major player in the reinsurance industry. Lauren Kolodny, Partner at Acrew Capital, also spoke about the company’s participation, saying:

“If you take a moment to think about this, it becomes clear why cultural insurers cannot accurately predict the dangers of the weather – their methods look old-fashioned. And our climate is changing in ways we can not say in terms of history. We are excited to extend our partnership with this wonderful team. “

Founded in 2019 by Andrew Engler and Nathaniel Manning, Kettle is looking to rectify the growing risks posed by climate change, including wildfires, hurricanes, typhoons, and more. The startup uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to analyze public and private data, predicting which areas are most likely to be affected by wildfires and other disasters. Manning said in this regard:

“Climate change has arrived, it ‘s good to say – the weather has changed. Now we need to develop the best possible prevention strategies to help people recover from these disasters. There are 14 million homes in California, and in 2020 ~ 11,500 of them were burned, less than .1%. Although the risk of wildfires has increased dramatically in the last decade, the key is to understand the dangers. If we can do that, we can bring stability to the California insurance market. “

As a result of wildfires, a reinsurance companies have dropped by 68% over the last 15 years. The sharp decline is the result of a 400% increase in disasters, which has affected $ 400 billion in trade in unprecedented ways. Kettle’s record of these risks after analyzing the information provided by his platform, allowing businesses and homeowners to better protect their property and private insurance.

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