John Cho on Cowboy Bebop Injury and Other Netflix Alternatives

John Cho as Spike Spiegel at Cowboy Bebop, standing on the roof.

Picture: Netflix

When John Cho was first fall like Spike Spiegel for Netflix Cowboy Bebop modified in 2019, the experience was excellent. Other than that, people love themselves John Cho and take him as a reliably do player. Six months later, Cho had a problem injury on set which caused the production to stop when it took time to recover.

Now that Bebo and out in the wind and the people set their eyes on Cho, who soon had the opportunity to speak openly about what had happened. The player appeared on James Corden’s Late Late Show and revealed that he had torn his ACL while filming the night scene. Uwubut not knowing what caused it, the conversation took place during his recovery not unusual a mechanism of action around his injury. One such idea was CG his face to another player, la An Irishman. Or to put it in a funny way: yes, he decided to take his face …turn off. (Obviously, this cannot be next we ought to find out.)

Of course, that did not happen, because it would have cost a lot of money to do so. Likewise, the cheapest way to use a trunk and trash cans was on the table, since according to Cho, “they thought, ‘this is dangerous.’ thinking of a smoker, a lover of Noodles.

Not Season One ended with his new knee, and he is happy that things are going well. “So far, all right,” he laughed as he knocked on the wood. “I have to be 100 percent, but don’t test me.”

Among other things, Cho is still known for playing Sulu in Star Trek reboots, and among them is Bepa, it seems he can’t stay away from sci-fi. Asked by Reggie Watts if he would consider shooting a movie in the air, like what Tom Cruise getting ready to do, Cho replied “yes”And the depth of the child who was just asked if he wanted a new toy. “If you can learn to play the piano,” he told Corden, “I could really go into space.” Maybe that would be a system like Bebo he finds the second season.

Cowboy Bebop is now out on Netflix.

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