Is CeeDee Lamb playing Thursday? Harmful updates for Raiders-Cowboys Week 12 Game thanks

CeeDee Lamb (concussion) has been a solid fantasy producer this year, but he encountered a problem last week and found himself out of work at Thursday’s game on Sunday 12th. who plays. From the outset, the election with the Lamb, Michael Gallup, and Cedrick Wilson remains in place while we await the latest developments.

We will continue to update the story and the Lamb’s story until the working / inactive report is released on Thursday. For all the latest updates, follow us on Twitter @SN_Zongopeka.

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Is the CeeDee Lamb playing on Thanksgiving?

Earlier in the week, Mike McCarthy said Lamb had a chance to play against the Raiders, so his jerking should be “minor,” if there is such a thing, and we should wait until it starts. game Thursday afternoon to see if they can go. New stories say Lamb “on the way” play tried on Wednesday, but we will not make any final decisions until we know better.

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We know that concussions are often traumatic or not. It removes protocols and has no limits or does not play at all. This makes life easier for fictional owners. If they are on the line, they are considered important at the start even after meeting Las Vegas. The opponents leave four fictional characters in every game in the WRs, but Amari Cooper (reserve / COVID) is out, and Lamb has had to start even though Cooper is on the line. In addition, the Raiders have avoided a lot of high-profile WR games this season, which is why we do not see his defense as Patriots or Bills.

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Michael Gallup is already ready for a change since Cooper’s release, but if the Lamb is out, Gallup is a good start. Let’s just put it this way – everyone who Dak Prescott’s No. 1 WR has to be on the list. However, Cedrick Wilson’s hypothetical ideas depend on the Lamb’s personality. Yes, you can start Wilson professionally as a low-level switch no matter what, but they carry it very loudly if the Lamb can’t go. He caught three times in Michael Gallup’s absence earlier this season, so we know that Prescott trusts him and is not afraid to look his way.

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In the end, that was a long way to go before you could start a Lamb with Gallup if it works and think of Wilson if the Lamb isn’t. See Lamb as WR1 if it works and see Gallup as intermediate WR2 if not, Wilson is coming as a switch.

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