Frank Gore Jr. enters QB, helping to lead Southern Mississippi to victory again in the season

The southern Mississippi did not name a quarter on its depth chart this week. Then it came out and found its second success this season.

The Golden Eagles (2-9, 1-6 Conference USA) rounded out four non-QB crossings in their 35-19 win over Louisiana Tech on Friday night, led by new running back Frank Gore Jr. He finished 4 of 8 for 75 yards with two touchdowns. He also threw and blocked.

Defender Antavious Willis was 3 to 3 for 32 yards with a touchdown. Return Dajon Richard was 1 to 1 for three yards. The mere test of the highly acclaimed Jakarius Caston was not enough. Southen Miss finished with an 8-for-13 cross of 110 yards with three touchdowns. It ran 47 times for 184 yards and hit.

The Southern Miss has been circling her quarterbacks throughout the season while her first team continues to suffer injuries. It went without QBs on Friday.

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Gore ran a 1-yard field goal in the first quarter to give the Golden Eagles a 7-3 lead. They rode in their opening car, which led to the Louisiana Tech field. Her first pass, a 9-yard run by Jason Brownlee, came in second and gave Southern Miss a 14-6 lead.

Two minutes before halftime, Gore lifted 39 yards to Brownlee by post, placing Southern Miss up 21-19.

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Willis threw his pass, a 20-yard touchdown run to Jason Gunter, with a 6:37 play to put USM ahead 28-19.

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Linebacker Averie Habas’ pick of six and 1:32 the rest gave Southern Miss a 16-point lead, which she did to win.

As the Golden Eagles prepare for next week’s final season against the FIU, Gore could spend more time on the quarterback.

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