Fox News By Tucker Carlson Play Word Games To Refuse To Pay Kyle Rittenhouse

Fox News denies that they and Tucker Carlson paid for the special opportunity to go to Kyle Rittenhouse.


CNN data:

Fox News has he said in his own words here Fox News Methods “Tucker Carlson Tonight “paid for everything access, freedom of expression, legal payment. His attorney told us you also heard from the words of Rittenhouse in the clip they want he did not need to do what he did August 2020, which led to the death of Anthony Huber is Joseph Rosenbaum.

The people behind me, these what is left of that crowd just finished on March around Kenosha. They even took a knee in places where Huber and Rosenbaum he had been shot and killed. Message from one of the what the speakers were saying Rittenhouse acted in this decision makes it even more difficult this region and this country that healing and mourning and personality in each other.

Fox News By Tucker Carlson Denies The allegations

Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorney has never said that Fox and Carlson pay his client directly. This is what he told CNN, “I did not agree with that. I took them out of the room several times. I don’t think the film team is appropriate if these. But the people who were raising them professional payroll and paying lawyers was trying to make money, and that was part of it. ”

The deal was part of a deal from someone to take Rittenhouse experts and pay some extra money, so someone paid Rittenhouse and made the opportunity available to Fox News and Tucker Carlson part of the deal.

Fox News and Carlson did not have to pay Rittenhouse. Someone paid for them. No matter who the money went through, the deal stinks unfairly.

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