‘Fit For Duty’ – Dr

Joe Biden made his debut as President at Walter Reed on Friday.

Biden relocated Kamala Harris for a short time while he underwent surgery while receiving a colonoscopy on Friday.

Biden’s doctor says Dementia Joe is strong, healthy and ‘fit for work’ despite the symptoms of dementia.

“President Biden is still a healthy, strong, 78-year-old man, well-qualified to serve as President, including the Chief Executive, the Head of State and the Commander in Chief,” said Dr. O’Connor he wrote.

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“It is clear that this view may be offset by the indisputable fact that, as President, the focus is on his or her public performance in relation to his or her past experiences,” said Kevin O’Connor, a doctor at Biden. for 13 years.

O’Connor added that a “thorough neurologic examination” revealed no serious side effects, such as the possibility of a stroke, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s.

What a joke.

Dr. O’Connor admitted Joe Biden’s persistent, persistent cough and clearing throat.

The doctor said Biden’s coma was caused by a gastrointestinal disorder known as gastroesophageal reflux.

“The President’s motion seems to be stronger and less intense than in the past.

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