Filipino basketball star Roider Cabrera has a heart attack and falls

Philippine basketball player Roider Caberra fainted following Wednesday’s game at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City.

The Tribune from the Philippines said he had a heart attack.

Roider Cabrera after him he lost consciousness in the locker room before being immediately evacuated to Medical City.

He was diagnosed with severe arrhythmia according to local context.

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The Philippines has some very strict COVID laws and is ranked 22nd out of 205 countries at vaccination level. said:

ROIDER Cabrera continues to receive excellent treatment after collapsing following a Terrafirma PBA 3 × 3 match on Wednesday, his Terrafirma football team said.

Terrafirma team manager Bobby Rosales said the team expected Cabrera to recover after being rushed to hospital on Wednesday night after collapsing in the team’s stadium …

Prayers were needed
The general manager of the Terrafirma team also asked for a prayer for Cabrera’s speedy recovery, and thanked the local medical team for responding promptly to assisting their players.

Here is a video of Cabrera being taken to hospital.

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