Fauci Calls Tucker Carlson, Peter Navarro, Says Critics Are “Killers” (VIDEO)

Dr. Fauci on Tuesday denounced journalists and politicians who criticized him for his endless lies about Covid.

Fox News correspondent Tucker Carlson has repeatedly criticized Fauci, a “Wuhan saint” for his involvement in fundraising for the Covid epidemic.

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro has demanded that Fauci be arrested for his alleged involvement in fundraising for Wuhan’s lab and for ruining lives.

Fauci mentioned the names of Tucker Carlson and Peter Navarro on Tuesday and said his accusers were “killing people.”

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“Well Ari, I’m not involved in a popular competition. I have given all my professional work for 50 years to try and protect and protect the health and lives of the American people and as a doctor of an epidemic, which spreads all over the world. That’s what I do. Praise or arrows. I don’t do what science encourages you to do, and that’s what I do. And you know, I’m not in a popular competition. I’m trying to save lives. Peter Navarro is criticizing me, I see it as a badge of honor. “

Fauci continued, “I just want to say those words. People make fun of people who say stupid things. They tell people to do the things that will kill them and they tell me to go to jail. As they say in my old Brooklyn neighborhood, rest in peace, I will.”


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