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Kelly Rowland is not experiencing the love ‘Dilemma’ recently – she has been happily married to Tim Weatherspoon for a while. Here is a picture of how their love came to be.

It is a common occurrence of the “art of imitation of life.” Kelly Rowland stars in the first 2021 Lifetime vacation video Merry Liddle Christmas Baby, third entry in Liddle list. The first came in 2019 Merry Liddle Christmas, which first featured Kelly, Jacquie Liddle, in the world. In 2020’s Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding, Jacquie and Tyler (Thomas cadrot. Now, it is Merry Liddle Christmas Baby, Jacquie and Tyler are preparing for the new arrival of their family.

It’s a story that is close to Kelly’s heart because she is he husband adopted a new baby in early 2021. Kelly – who has gained fame and success as a solo singer, a member of Son of Destiny, and as an actor – he has a happy family Tim Weatherspoon. But, who calls Kelly her best half? And how did their magical romance get started?


When Did Kelly Rowland and Tim Weatherspoon Meet?

Little is known when Kelly and Tim first met, though Los Angeles Times said she started dating in 2011. What is known is that it was love at first glance at Tim. “She said she knew [he was in love] by day one, ”Kelly said ABC News in 2017 while promoting Love By Day 10. “I knew on the third day. I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I was scared – to be honest – because I was like, this sounds like my husband. “

One of the reasons he knew? Amazing chemistry – and respect. “My husband and I see things the same way. And we love and respect each other more than anything else. We have made our own rules, ”he said. “It’s going very well.”

What Does Tim Weatherspoon Do to Survive?

Tim likes to be invisible, so the facts about him are limited. Tim says he was a producer and manager and worked with Kelly professionally before taking their relationship to another level. Tim’s last name is also a source of confusion, as there have been reports in the past about him Tim Witherspoon. An Instagram account who claimed to be his wrote his name “Tim Spoon.”

When Did Kelly Rowland and Tim Weatherspoon Marry?


With headaches and heels on each other, it should come as no surprise that Tim did not spend much time kneeling on Kelly’s knee. “She put the ring on,” Kelly said in December 2013 The Queen Latifah Show. “It’s too late. We’ve kept it very low — for years, to be honest. ” She showcased the new jewelry and showed how Tim consulted. Contrary to many ideas – which included high-quality flower arrangements and other designs – Tim kept it simple.

“He first asked me on Skype,” Kelly said, on Vibe. He was in Bulgaria at the time, and it took him some time to record his comments. “And I was like, ‘We’re so far away.’ But it was too late. I remember that we were all just, honestly, looking at each other. And he asked me, and it was easy to say yes. She is my best friend. ”

When Did Kelly Rowland and Tim Weatherspoon Marry?

Kelly Rowland and Tim Weatherspoon were married on May 9, 2014. The couple had a wedding in Costa Rica, and guests list included Beyoncé and Solange, According to Ife Weekly. The ceremony was so memorable that only 30 people were able to watch the two men tie the knot.

Surprisingly, Kelly’s wedding took place shortly after the fight with Solange Jay-Z at the Met Gala at The Standard, High Line, Manhattan.

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In May 2020, Kelly shared how she and Tim maintained happiness in their marriage. “When it comes to sex, I’m like, ‘Well, if I have to play and act, honey, if I have to be Alicia tonight and surprise you in the middle of the night or something then it has to happen. We embellish things a little bit and make it fun,’ ‘she said. PEOPLE. “When we met, we were thrilled. Two years from now, we will be happy. I think that if you live close to you, it can be seen in your relationship. ”

Does Kelly Rowland & Tim Weatherspoon Have Any Children?

Tim and Kelly have two children together. The couple received their first child, Titan Jewell, on Nov. 4, 2014. “We are pleased to announce that today we are the proud parents of our first child,” she said in a statement. Billboard. We are happy to say that everyone is in good health and happy!

Banjali wadopted their second child in 2021. “On the 21st day, in the 21st year, in the 21st century, Noah Jon Weatherspoon. Greet us! We are very grateful, “Kelly said and January 30, 2021 Instagram post. In the picture, Titan greets his younger brother with a wide smile.

Kelly announced a second pregnancy in a strange way: by the first appearance in the child’s group on the cover of Mother’s Soul in October. “We talked openly, then COVID happened, and we were like … let’s see what happens,” he said. He was hesitant to speak so boldly but in the end decided to become a way to “remind people that life is important. I’m knocking on the door of February 40. Self-care means a lot to me.”

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