Eric Trump Also Defends ‘Silent’ Threatening To Accuse Him Of Burning

Eric Trump is unhappy and because Eric and Trump, when he is unhappy, he complains. Because that is how a person finds happiness.

Yesterday, Rolling Stone published story which shocked the country, one alleges that the organizers of the January 6 conference paid for the purchase of burning phones and used the phones in a special way:

The three sources say Kylie Kremer took one phone and used it to talk to senior White House and Trump officials, including Eric Trump, the president’s eldest son, who presides real estate business; Lara Trump, Eric’s wife is a former senior Trump campaign adviser; Mark Meadows, former White House chief of staff; and Katrina Pierson, a Trump aide and campaign campaigner.

Eric has always been known to be dumb, what I do well and what should not be overlooked, or given without any clear evidence of isolation. But Eric is doing all he can to make the headline by threatening to accuse Rolling Stone of tarnishing his reputation.

Really stupid idea. The wise move would be to simply utter the word; “I don’t know why anyone would want a” burning phone “to talk to me about the meeting. I took the calls and I could answer them on any phone. I did nothing wrong.”

Instead, Eric Trump decided to reassure us that ringing meant he had done something wrong:

The article did not say you bought a “burning phone,” and why would you say that you associate with them by denying that you are a “burning type” when you are in trouble, you are stupid … Unless you, too, used a burning phone in response. That’s what you’re stupid to tell us, Eric? When there was not even in the story?

Sources at Rolling Stone only knew that they had to buy flaming phones to call the people. Otherwise, they could not, and could not, know how the phones could be answered by the phone that could be used.

Eric, what are you defending yourself against if you say so, which you won’t? Or were you simply too stupid to blame yourself?

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