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Einstein’s well-known theory laid the foundation for modern astronomy and technology such as GPS navigation.

Albert Einstein’s manuscript, which provides a wealth of information on the well-known scientific theory that leads to his entire theory of relativity, was sold on the market on Tuesday for 11.7 million euros ($ 13.17m).

Christie’s auction house estimated the value of the record between 2 million ($ 2.25m) and 3 million euros ($ 3.38m).

The 54-page paper, about half filled with Einstein’s writings, is one of two works in which the thinker approaches his well-known theory that laid the foundations of modern and modern cosmology such as the Global Positioning System (GPS).

He was held in the custody of Swiss astronomer Michele Besso, a close friend and student of Einstein, who co-authored the project between 1913 and 1914.

“This is what makes it even more important because the documents written by Einstein before 1919 are very rare,” said Vincent Belloy, a Christie-based expert who led the trade in Paris.

“Einstein is a man who keeps a very small record, so the mere fact that the text survived and came to us makes it incredible,” he said.

Made primarily by a continuous count of black ink on a thin, light yellow paper, the manuscripts contradict Einstein’s well-known portrait of a genius, as it shows that even he – at times – made a mistake.

An Einstein-Besso manuscript is on display at Christie’s auction in Paris, France. [File: Antony Paone/Reuters]

“Einstein makes mistakes in these books, and I think that makes them even bigger, because we see the persistence, the idea that was within the confines, that is being developed and modified,” Belloy said.

In May, a manuscript in which Einstein mentioned his famous E = mc² equation, part of his original theory of personal relationships, sold for nearly one million euros in the United States, tripling its estimated value.

With his theory of relativity published in 1915, Einstein revolutionized modern science when he began to explain gravity as a geometric warping of space and time, a discovery that would be legitimate.

Christie did not disclose the buyer’s name.

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