DeRozan and LaVine are leading the Bulls back to the top of the Eastern Conference

The Chicago Bulls are 12-5 and sit at the top of the Eastern Conference standings.

The hot start is the most successful in the game since the 2011-12 season, when they finished the short season closing with a 50-16 record, the best in the league with the San Antonio Spurs.

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Everyone knows what happened next. Derrick Rose suffered a serious knee injury and the Bulls were beaten in six games by the Philadelphia 76ers.

The fact that the Bulls moved to the East by beating Rose, former head coach Tom Thibodeau and the New York Knicks felt it was appropriate, while Chicago fans constantly reminded everyone in the ears that BULLS ARE GOOD!

Prior to the Knicks’ game, the Bulls finished seventh in the playoffs and defense, as they participated in the league. fourth-round interest rate, output groups with 5.4 points per 100th.

According to StatMuse, the Bulls have just added 12 games in the series against .500 teams, compensating them through an extension with a history of 8-4.

Today Chicago’s defense is a concern, surprisingly, many predict that this could be a team that is closer to the bottom of the league in the end. Unlike the 2012 team formed by Joakim Noah’s self-defense defense, today’s brand is a key player in Alex Caruso’s continuous partnership with Lonzo Ball.

The case is being re-assigned to another judge, and Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan are leading the charge.

DeRozan also scored 31 points against the Knicks, his sixth of 30 appearances in 16 games. He played 11 games in 61 games against San Antonio last season.

A 32-year-old boy is just setting fire to groups near the basket, with 68 percent ending up on the edge and 57 percent from a short midrange area according to Cleaning Glass.

For the first time in a long time, the Bulls have goals that can be equally devastating, giving them several ways to attack late in the game.

Both DeRozan and LaVine are making 1.11 mapoints on everything you have, who is similar to Kevin Durant and is just following James Harden (1.14 PPIP) out of 16 players to have at least 45 standouts this season.

The good news for Bulls fans is that the numbers are feeling steady, DeRozan making 1.20 points on their own last season, while LaVine was at 1.14.

Each Chicago duo must choose All-Star this season, and in one of the most controversial issues of the first season, it is possible that they could block each other when it comes to MVP negotiations.

DeRozan or LaVine in MVP conversations? Nonsense but justice in the first phase of the campaign.

Behind the two players, the Bulls see their worst performances progressing well in the fourth quarter, with their worst season 109.5 rising to 113.6 in the final, the best fourth-winners in the league.

It should also be noted that the recent run has been made up of senior men Nikola Vucevic (health and safety protocol) and Patrick Williams (arm surgery) from the lineup.

At a major meeting in which some of the expected contestants start slowly, the Bulls have a chance to get a chance in the home court to start the final game.

It’s hard not to be impressed with the Bulls so far, and it all starts with DeRozan and LaVine.

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